About – Rod A Warren

My name is Rod Warren and I am a photographer  based in South Somerset.  I have a passion for creating  natural and imaginative images which provide lasting memories. I look beyond what is right in front of me and use my vision to capture images that often others do not see.

How I came to do photography

I remember as a young boy I would often be looking up at the clouds seeing images of things within those clouds – large fluffy elephants,  buildings, faces  etc and then try to get other people to see them too.  Others  would often see  completely different images  in the same cloud and it  has always struck  me  how people can be looking at the same thing, but see something completely different.

I have kept this thought in mind when I am taking photographs and it helps me create pictures in a natural way and not the predictable pose. I am constantly pushing myself to create something different for everyone.

Photography is all about having fun too –  if you don’t want a studio portrait I can take you to various locations to get special and natural  pictures, or can photograph at the venue of your choice. Happy relaxed people make better pictures.    

As well as portraits and people my photography includes pets, landscape,  wildlife, sporting events, and food for individuals or for businesses who need  photos for magazines, brochures or web sites.

“it’s not the photo-  it’s the picture you see”

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